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What is an HHM Brand Ambassador?

An HHM Ambassador is someone who loves our products and shares their experience with our brand with their social media followers. You can show a video of you un-boxing the products, selfies of you snacking on some gummies, your dog getting excited to lick some CBD for dogs off your wrist. Have fun, be yourself, make our products a fun part of your life. Please read through the following and apply below if interested! While we receive a lot of applicants and can't reach out to everyone who applies, we will reach out as quickly as possible if you are approved :)

What is the difference between a Brand Ambassador and an Affiliate?

Great question! Anyone can sign up to be an affiliate with us and earn 20% commission on sales as well as an uncapped, unlimited commission on recruiting other affiliates. You get 5% of sales that your recruits make (uncapped for time or amount). Affiliates also enjoy a 20% discount on product purchases from HHM as long as they are actively promoting and working to earn commission.

What is your Affiliate Marketing program and why should I care?

Our Affiliate Marketing program allows you to make money from sales that you help us to make! Once you sign up, you’ll receive a unique to you link. Any time someone clicks this link then makes a purchase on our website, you’ll receive 20% commission of the total purchase. There is the potential for our most successful Ambassadors and Affiliates to be promoted and open up additional compensation opportunities!

Who is Eligible to be a Brand Ambassador?

We don't have specific criteria and it's possible we could work with anyone! However, your follower count, level of engagement with your followers is very important but not the only thing we look for! You may be approved for our program with a smaller amount of followers, though accounts with less than 5K followers will usually best to work with us an affiliate. 

What do I get for being a Brand Ambassador?

As a reward for promoting Happy Hemp Mall, you’ll receive a package of free CBD products each month. These will be different every month and we do our best to tailor the products to what we think you’ll like. If you have a dog, let us know! If you love CBD skincare, let us know!

What are my expectations as a Brand Ambassador?

Our minimum expectations are for you to share at minimum, two posts (not stories) during the month, one post every two weeks. We hope you naturally love our products and it feels easy to advocate for us! Remember to sign up as an affiliate as well so you can earn commission!

How can I be most successful as an Ambassador so that I may continue to receive product?

If you go above and beyond and get creative with sharing our products with your audience in a genuine way, you’ll be most successful and open up future opportunities with our company. Don’t annoy your followers or over share but the more you can naturally create engagement/interest, the better! Content is king, it is very helpful to us when you provide amazing content such as you holding our products with you in the picture and tagging our Instagram. 

Can I combine your Affiliate Marketing program as an Ambassador?

Yes! We want our relationship to be as mutually rewarding as possible!
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Drop Box

For downloading pics that you can use for marketing! These have clear backgrounds so that you can use them on top of other images or backgrounds.



This is an amazing site and completely free! You should definitely check it out. It’s great for making social media posts or images.

General Tips/Ideas

Please leave reviews for our products that you try on happyhempmall.com !

You can make posts for you story vaping CBD, making smoothies, dropping under your tongue, get creative and have fun! Be genuine :)

We would appreciate if you could be in some of your posts as you are your own brand!

Please make sure to tag @happyhempmall on social media and/or direct to happyhempmall.com

We would love to see an “unboxing” video of you opening your package for the month and the cool goodies you received from HHM!

Follow @brand_ambassadors_ to network with other brand ambassadors and get inspiration and tips!

If you have any questions at all or need more tips/info/content to share please email happyhempmall@gmail.com or you can text/call the business number at 872-999-2567