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CBD may help in treating anxiety symptoms

by Zak Ballard

CBD Oil and How it can Help in Treating Anxiety Symptoms

You know that embarrassing moment when you mess up at work or school and think about it over and over again until it eats at you from the inside? That feeling is just one way to describe what anxiety feels like and there are various other experiences. This is because it’s one of the most common disorders in the U.S. and it affects over 18.1 percent of the population, which is over 40 million adults; not to mention the huge hidden figure of children and adolescents.
A part of each age group is anxious about one thing or another; it’s a completely normal response, but a competitive workplace, social media, and hostile educational environment can make it worse. While it’s easier to ask your close friends and family to seek treatment, it’s not always within everyone’s reach. Some people may not have health insurance, which could cover the costs of treatment or is afraid of the stigma that comes from seeking professional help.

Treatments for Anxiety

The spectrum for anxiety treatments is fairly small and greatly depends on how badly an individual’s anxiety is disrupting their life. Counseling is the first step, as it allows a therapist to address negative thoughts at a cognitive level. There is also medication, anti-anxiety drugs like benzodiazepines, which are known to cause a number of harmful side effects over time.
One of the best options for anxiety treatments is CDB oil. However, it’s often dismissed because of people’s lack of awareness, which leads them to draw a misinformed equivalence between CBD and what’s called, in the casual term, ‘weed’. In actuality, CBD oil could work wonders for anxiety, and just because it’s derived from a source that’s genetically related to marijuana, doesn’t mean it shares the same effects.

CBD Oil as Treatment for Anxiety

According to a study (Esther M. Blessing, 2015), there’s a lot of evidence that supports the use of CBD as an effective treatment for various anxiety disorders. That is when used carefully in calculated amounts. According to their research, the evidence from present human studies shows that it does have an anxiolytic effect with acute dosages. Similarly, studies like (Bergamaschi, 2011) and (Harneet Hundal, 2017) show that using CBD oil for patients who suffer from paranoia and social anxiety is potentially beneficial.

How CBD Oil is Different

Although marijuana is known to have relieving effects on anxiety as well, CBD is a different product because it’s actually derived from organic hemp, and not marijuana. Hemp and Marijuana are two types that stem from the genus, cannabis.
All forms of cannabis contain cannabinoids, which are different compounds with their own effects. THC and CBD are the most dominant, and while both of them have benefits for the human body, THC is known to have psychoactive effects, which CBD doesn’t have. Essentially, it means that you get ‘high’ on products containing high amounts of THC, but not CBD.

How Does CBD Treat Anxiety Symptoms

When consumed, CBD induces various effects in the body, which explains how it works so well at alleviating anxiety. According to a study by (Crippa JA, 2011), patients reported that they felt less anxious after taking CBD. To validate these claims, researchers performed a brain scan that showed different patterns of blood flow to the cerebrum, which was similar to an anxiolytic effect.
In a way, CBD works similar to SSRIs, selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, which disrupt the brain from reabsorbing remaining serotonin in the space between synapses. This, in turn, has an effect on the mood and reduces anxiety. Similarly, CBD enhances the signaling that takes place between serotonin receptors. A certain animal-based study shows that CBD increases the transmission of a serotonin receptor, 5-HT1A, and might also affect levels of serotonin better than SSRIs can.
There are also studies in which researchers tested the effects of CBD on patients who have a fear of public speaking. Patients reported feeling less anxious, and their experiences were supported by objective reports like brain scans.
To sum it up, CBD helps reduces cognitive impairment that often comes with anxiety, stabilize blood pressure, and assists the body in easing discomfort in socially stressful situations. Even though research groups need to conduct further trials to understand its potential and long-term effects, it currently has an adequate safety profile (far more than anxiolytic medications available). This makes it an effective alternative compared to drugs that you can find.

The Benefits of Using CBD Oil for Anxiety

Compared to conventional anti-anxiety medication and other treatments, CBD oil measures up pretty well. To begin with, you’ll be experiencing minimal side effects when taking CBD oil, as a change in your appetite and mood, both of which are a direct result of affected serotonin levels.
 On the other hand, medication like Zoloft and Prozac like disturbed sleeping patterns, shaking, tiredness, and loss of appetite, and these are just a handful of the so-called ‘regular’ side effects that they experience. A report from the FDA shows that adverse effects of prescription drugs lead to a higher number of deaths than illicit ones. The main problem stems from an addiction to painkillers and antidepressant prescription drugs, which isn’t an effect of using CBD.
Also, CBD offers a major benefit of having great medicinal potential compared to THC-concentrated products, which are still far from legal in all the states. We mustn’t forget that the cost, over time, of purchasing CBD oil in comparison to anti-anxiety drugs, varies quite a lot.
Although prescription drugs are easily available at any drugstore, getting a tincture of CBD oil costs less in the long run, since you’ll be getting a month’s supply in one go. Finally, you get a lot more variety when it comes to CBD. While oils are far more common, there are also vapes and gummies available. Edible gummies don’t have that leafy taste, which makes them far more palatable, and dosage control easier. It’s true that CBD oil isn’t the perfect all-rounder solution to treating anxiety, it can still help many people participate in social situations and groups without suffering from disruptive symptoms.

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