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Why does CBD cost so much?

Why does CBD oil cost so much?

You may have heard about all of the potential therapeutic benefits of using CBD derived from hemp and are interested in trying some. After checking out some products containing CBD, whether it is CBD tincture that can be taken orally, CBD vape or CBD edibles, your first question may be: why is CBD so expensive? And, if you continue to research various brands, your follow-up question might be: why is there such a difference in the price of CBD products?

Why the price difference?

       First, let’s address the price disparity between reputable brands and cheaper bargain brands of CBD products. At the end of the day, CBD is essentially used as a supplement. Unfortunately, the supplement industry as a whole is like the Wild West. It’s fairly unregulated with little oversight and just about anything goes. This makes it possible for brands trying to lure in customers with bargain prices to sell low quality and potentially harmful products. In the following sections, we’ll break down the various factors affecting quality and price.

Where is your CBD coming from?

      CBD is a naturally-occurring compound found in the cannabis plant. It is the primary cannabinoid responsible for the plant’s therapeutic effects. Both hemp and marijuana contain CBD, yet hemp does not contain the high amounts of the psychoactive THC compound. Hemp will not get you high. Nevertheless, both plants ended up getting grouped together and outlawed under federal law. Until recently, it was not legal to grow hemp for industrial purposes. This gave manufacturers looking to make a quick buck a great incentive to look elsewhere for cheap and plentiful suppliers of hemp overseas, including places such as China. On average, a large percentage of supplements coming from polluted areas overseas contain a high amount of harmful heavy metals and other industrial contaminants. Since the hemp plant can absorb a lot from its growing environment, both healthy minerals and harmful toxins, it is crucial that the location in which the hemp plant is grown is free from pollutants. Unfortunately, this is often not the case with bargain brand CBD products.

How are the plants grown?

      In addition to the environment in which the hemp plants are grown, another important factor to consider is the actual farming and cultivating techniques utilized in growing the hemp plants. Much like the farming industry in general, it is shocking what agricultural producers can get away with in terms of the usage of harmful pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers. Some of these chemicals have strong neurotoxic effects and it is never just a matter of “washing it off.” Many such chemicals stay on the plant or even end up getting absorbed into the plants and persist even through processing and extraction. Using harmful chemicals is a way to maximize profits for farmers, but it negatively impacts the end consumer’s health. Luckily, high quality hemp producers do exist. Nevertheless, just like how produce at the grocery store that is grown with higher quality standards typically costs more, CBD derived from hemp that is produced with higher quality standards without the use of harmful chemicals comes at a premium due to higher production costs.

How is your CBD extracted?

      Another consideration impacting both the price and quality of CBD products is the extraction method. In order to really experience its therapeutic effects, you need to consume enough CBD. It takes a sizable amount of hemp in order to get enough CBD extract for therapeutic dosages, which of course adds to the cost. In order to go from the natural raw hemp plant to a consumable CBD extract, the hemp must undergo some processing. However, not all methods are made equal. One extraction method you do not want used for your CBD is the use of solvents such as hexane or butane. Using solvents such as these in the extraction process can potentially leave harmful residues and counteract the health benefits you would otherwise be getting. Better extraction methods include oil infusions and ethanol. However, in most cases, the standard in high quality CBD extraction is supercritical CO2 extraction. This extraction method utilizes carbon dioxide under high pressure. It is typically one of the most expensive extraction methods, yet yields the safest and highest quality CBD oils and extracts.

What is mixed with your CBD?

      What goes into your CBD oils and extracts is just as important as what is left out. Some inferior brands of CBD products mix cheap, low quality carrier oils and additives in with their CBD. One such ingredient to look out for is polyethylene glycol. This can potentially break down into carcinogenic substances over time or even when applied to high heat, such as when used for vaping. It is important to only use products mixed with high quality ingredients not only for safety, but also for effectiveness. Mixing CBD with a high quality carrier oil enhances bioavailability. A better option for use as a carrier is vegetable glycerin. Another good example is MCT oil. MCT stands for medium-chain triglycerides, and it is derived from coconuts. MCT oil is often preferred since it is a healthy natural ingredient that results in a highly bioavailable CBD product.

How pure is your CBD?

      If you’re going to be putting something into or onto your body, you want to make sure it is pure and high quality. CBD is no exception. In addition to heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides and solvents, some brands have even included harmful additives such as synthetic cannabis, which has been known to cause panic attacks, convulsions and organ damage. Some CBD brands cut corners and deliver a product that is full of harmful compounds. Make sure that whatever you are buying is third-party lab tested for purity.


      CBD is a promising solution for a wide variety of health issues. Although currently the costs associated with producing and delivering CBD to the end consumer can seem high, the benefits of using a good quality CBD product generally make it worth it. CBD can provide therapeutic benefits unlike any other supplement or pharmaceutical and typically with little to no side effects whatsoever. For that reason, despite its cost, CBD has exploded in popularity. Not skimping on quality ensures that you are getting a product that is both pure and effective. As the old saying is so often true, you really do get what you pay for.

Happy Hemp Mall strives to provide high quality, safe and effective CBD products.

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  • All of our products are legal in all 50 states and do not contain THC. 
  • While we are CBD lovers ourselves, we make no medical claims nor do we offer any medical advice. 
  • Like any other supplement, you should always consult your doctor before taking new supplements. 

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