Should Pets be given CBD?


Should Pets be given CBD?

In a human body there’s an Endocannabinoid System (ECS) which assists in regulating the homeostatic functions. Research studies have proven that CBD use is not restricted to humans. Cannabidiol (CBD) is a compound found in cannabis, which is often associated with marijuana. Other species might be able to use it as well.
Most creatures have endocannabinoid systems, including pets, like dogs and cats. CBD is an efficient wellness supplement because of its interaction with the ECS to help support these functions.
And all this has led to an indication that it may be fine to administer CBD to your pets. CBD has no recognized toxic levels, making it unable to cause an overdose. Here are a few instructions that need to be followed to get the best results for your pets, if you are interested in giving them CBD.

Is CBD allowed for Pets?

If the CBD is derived from marijuana, then it’s obviously completely unsafe for your pets; however, the use of only hemp-derived CBD may be beneficial. While both of them are from one of cannabis’ 113 plants, the difference lies in the chemical makeup, cultivation, application and the extraction method.
One thing that needs to be kept in mind is that CBD is a non-psychoactive and a non-toxic substance and won’t get your dog or cat “high”, contradictory to THC. The most notable difference between the two plants is THC’s level. Hemp is produced to have low levels of THC, whereas, marijuana is produced to have high levels of THC.
Products that are cultivated from hemp must contain less than 0.3% of THC, and such low amount of THC won’t get your pet high. CBD Hemp is known to be well tolerated and relatively safe for pets, without triggering any sort of negative feelings, such as paranoia unlike THC.
There might not be any risks in CBD and it can be considered safe for the consumption of cats or dogs. The amount of THC in CBD is something that needs to be regulated. If the Hemp-derived CBD contains low levels of THC, it is completely legal in the United States.

Why should I provide my pet CBD?

While many organizations have given their verdict regarding the legitimacy of CBD, some are still busy researching what CBD really is and why it is so beneficial. As for now, the effectiveness of CBD in treatment of epilepsy in pets is being studied by the Veterinary Teaching Hospital at Colorado State University.
Up till now, the research hasn’t ended and the results aren’t available. Also, the School of Veterinary Medicine at University of California is currently busy surveying people who give their pets cannabis and to collect crucial information.
CBD products for pets generally support wellness and health throughout the nervous system, especially where ECS is located. Cannabinoids help in interacting with the system positively and produce a sense of calm and tranquility. As CBD is a natural solution, it operates as a wellness supplement.

Famous Anticonvulsant

No doubt, one of the best uses of CBD is its capability to control tremors, tics, and seizures etc. All of this is because CBD is a natural anticonvulsant. Earlier in 2013, for the very first time people got to know about its anticonvulsant properties. And since then different other studies have proven that CBD can help control seizures, tics, and spasms etc.
Seizures are basically considered to be caused by the uncontrolled firing of neurons in the brain. Research shows that CBD aids in restoring neurons, making them fire normally and avoid the risk of seizures.


Over the years, CBD has been known for its anti-inflammatory effectiveness. One of the reasons why CBD compound is so successful is because of its anti-inflammatory properties. The anti-inflammatory effects are thought to be connected with its ability to communicate with the receptors in the immune cell.
Its interaction with the CB2 receptors is generally located in the immune cells. CBD is able to stimulate a lot of various immune responses by just activating these receptors. CBD can assist in eliminating pain and other symptoms of arthritis, and Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) etc. by lowering inflammation.

Effective Painkiller

A study published in 1997 in the European Journal of Pharmacology proved that ECS was greatly involved in reducing and managing the pain. CBD is used all over the United States for being an effective painkiller, no matter how deadly the disease may be.
 It might also be able to tackle pain in certain ways and stop the absorption of anandamide temporarily. It also has various effects, and one of them is its ability to reduce pain. Also, because of CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties, it’s able to reduce painful symptoms of various diseases, like arthritis.

Lowers Anxiety and Stress

Not a lot of people are sure about this, but CBD is considered to be able to help reduce anxiety and stress not only among humans, but animals as well. It is important to note that CBD is not only known for taking care of physical problems, but it might also be helpful with mental issues as well.
 Pets can suffer from different phobias, stress and anxiety. For example, in dogs, anxiety leads to similar repetitive behavior. Few of the common symptoms of anxiety and stress in dogs are consistent barking, getting aggressive, and tumors etc.

How many drops of CBD can I give to my Pet?

There are no hard and fast rules regarding the dosage of CBD. However, it is something that can be easily administered and measured to perfection. However, the suggestion will always be to serve them the amount which is recommended by the manufacturer. At least two weeks of consistent use is needed to check how it builds up in your pet’s body for max benefit. 

Finding Trustworthy CBD suppliers

Every pet owner’s number one priority is to check the safety of their pet and it can begin with buying a high standard product. But, always remember the following criteria before opting to buy CBD. Firstly, the CBD provided to the pets should be formulated for their system. Secondly, Hemp-sourced products from responsible farms are likely to be of a high quality.  

Happy Hemp Mall strives to provide high quality, safe and effective CBD products.

  • Our products are not intended to diagnose or treat any disease. 
  • All of our products are legal in all 50 states and do not contain THC. 
  • While we are CBD lovers ourselves, we make no medical claims nor do we offer any medical advice. 
  • Like any other supplement, you should always consult your doctor before taking new supplements. 

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CBD oil for Acne and Skin Care


CBD Oil for Acne and Skin Care

Your skin is the largest organ of your body; it protects your internal systems from damage, shields you from UV rays, and stabilizes temperature. Despite being so powerful, it’s essential that we take care of our skin by treating it with nourishing products and routines.
As a teenager and even well into adulthood, you may have noticed that pesky acne ‘keeps coming back, but you’re not alone; in 2013 alone, over 5 million people in the U.S. tried getting medical treatment for acne.
You’ve probably tried it all, medicated face cleansers, an elaborate skin care routine, imported products with luxurious extracts, home-based treatments passed down from generation to generation, and even medication to combat skin concerns from the inside.

A Few Myths about Acne 

To begin, we’ll start off with a few of the most common myths you’ve heard about acne, which can make you take weird decisions with regard to your skin. The biggest myth you’ll hear is that the food you eat impacts has a causal effect on your acne; no one eats a diet full of fried food and chocolate, and if you do, acne is the last thing you should worry about.
A common view is that acne is only a teen problem and that once you cross 18 years of age, it magically disappears. This isn’t true and you can keep having acne well into adulthood. You’ve probably been told that your acne has something to do with improper hygiene, like not washing your face twice a day. Although hygiene plays a factor, there’s no guarantee that keeping your skin clean can also make it acne-free; in fact, over washing can lead to more acne and increased oil production.

What does Cause Acne, Then?

Acne is the result of sebum, dirt, oil, or dead cells blocking your hair follicles. As a result of these clogged follicles, you can get acne like cysts, blackheads, and pimples, most commonly on parts of your body like shoulders, and your face.
These are all common reasons, but factors like stress, medication, and imbalance in hormones can make things worse.

CBD: An Effective Skincare Supplement or not?

Health gurus and individuals everywhere are boasting the benefits that CBD has for improving acne. But does it really work? Studies like (Olah, 2014) show that CBD has anti-inflammatory effects on the body sebocytes, but how does it work?
Like in the various other systems of your body, there are receptors CB1 and CB2 in our hair follicles and sebaceous glands. These help communicate with the body’s nervous system, so as to induce a particular effect, like reduced inflammation.
But aside from its anti-inflammatory traits, it also impacts the endocannabinoid system. A neurological transmitter, anandamide, is a part of the system, and improper levels can lead to skin concerns because of how it regulates cell production. In addition, it might also have an inhibiting effect on the overproduction of oil.
One of the main reasons health gurus may prefer CBD to deal with their skin concerns rather than over-the-counter treatments and prescribed medication is that it doesn’t have serious side effects. In fact, it only targets the problem area of the skin and leaves healthy dermal tissue alone.
You can use CBD in the form of edibles and tinctures but for the skin, topical creams and lotions work better than other forms.

Benefits of Using CBD to get Beautiful and Healthy Skin 

Whether you’re trying to get rid of pesky acne or just want to improve your skin health to look youthful, CBD is a great option. Here are the benefits of adding CBD to your skincare routine.

Treats Anxiety

For starters, taking CBD edibles or using tinctures can improve your skin health from the inside out. Since stress is one of the main reasons for hormonal and diet changes, tackling the core problem can help ensure healthy skin.
 One of the main differences between hemp-derived CBD and marijuana is that while they’re both forms of cannabis, hemp doesn’t contain THC, which induces psychoactive effects.
Nonetheless, it allows the body to stabilize stress levels by treating anxiety when it acts similar to SSRIs, which are prescription medications. Once your body has reduced stress levels, you can benefit from healthier skin by taking better care of the food you eat.

Lessens Redness

Let’s not forget that its anti-inflammatory effects can help in reducing the appearance of redness on the skin, which causes discomfort and sensitivity to the elements.
Inflamed skin makes it hard to wear makeup and if you have fair skin, it doesn’t really help when you look like a tomato. With less redness, you’ll get a natural-like glow that doesn’t look oily.

Regulated Sebum Levels 

The cannabinoids in CBD interact with sebaceous glands and communicate through neurotransmitters to balance the level of sebum that is released on your face. This means your skin won’t get as oily s it used to, and your follicles will be less likely to get clogged.
This keeps the occurrence of pimples under control and prevents an overly shiny face that makes it hard to wear makeup.

Age Gracefully with CBD’s Antioxidant Properties 

The best part is that CBD contains beneficial antioxidants that eliminate harmful free-roaming radicals that occur as a result of oxidation. These radicals can damage dermal tissue and cause it to age prematurely, leading to wrinkles, age spots, and fine lines.
By using CBD, you can slow down the aging process and even retain healthy collagen synthesis as you grow older so that your skin stays hydrated, supple, and youthful. Antioxidants influence steady melanin levels to retain a healthy skin tone and prevent age spots.
To conclude, CBD is highly beneficial for your skin and a must-have treatment that can help you fight off pesky acne. Nonetheless, it’s necessary that you rely on high-quality CBD products in order to get the most benefits and better results. Of course, it’s necessary that you keep up healthy practices like drinking plenty of water and adding skin-friendly foods to your diet.

Happy Hemp Mall strives to provide high quality, safe and effective CBD products.

  • Our products are not intended to diagnose or treat any disease. 
  • All of our products are legal in all 50 states and do not contain THC. 
  • While we are CBD lovers ourselves, we make no medical claims nor do we offer any medical advice. 
  • Like any other supplement, you should always consult your doctor before taking new supplements. 

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